So you want to be a millionaire? Sadly, I can't help with that... but I can help you look like a million bucks! (I'm actually embarrassed at how cheesy that was.)

I'm Alix and I've been photographing professionally since I was 17 years old! I'm 22 now and while my taste in music has matured (bye bye Owl City) and my love for shiny pants has not (see right), I have carried with me my love for photographing humans. I will photograph everything that moves, seriously. 

Besides my love for photography, I like to sing broadway songs in my apartment when my roommate isn't home, take megabuses home to Boston to surprise my family for the weekend, eat hard boiled eggs (yeah, like, truly 3+ a day), and use the oxford comma (f the haters)! 



+ Headshots start at $250 for an hour session and 20-30 edited photos

+ Couples sessions start at $350/hr

+ Events start at $350/hr

+ Contact for specific inquiries/other rates